Process Improvement Group CEO Craig Reid's Presentation "The Process Revolution" at Building Business Capability, Sydney

For those of you unable to make Craig's presentation a few weeks ago at Building Business Capability, Sydney, I hope you enjoy this video of his presentation.


The Process Improvement Group

February 06, 2015

Tell Us Who You'd Like To Hear on Our Process Gurus Podcast!

We're going to be starting a series of podcasts featuring the top process / customer experience gurus in the world. We'd like to know who you would like to see our CEO Craig Reid (The Process Ninja) interviewing.

Please leave a comment and we'll do our best to get them on-board!


The Process Improvement Group

January 06, 2015

Number 72 In The Queue, Your Call Is Important to Us


There I was sitting in the queue and the robot spoke to me. "You're number 72 in the queue, your call is important to us. Your estimated wait time is 21 minutes".

Hmm, 71 calls in 21 minutes. Either I was really bad at maths or those operators were fast at resolving problems. So I sat, sighed, then hung up.

All I wanted to do was to get a new opal card and transfer the balance from my old one. It wasn't that hard, was it? I had been told by everyone at the station "just call..." So I did. But what happened next is an offence to customer experience. It's bad enough being spoken to by a robot who tells you that you're important when clearly you are not, but 71 people is a queue is an affront to decency.

If I was important you'd at least have a few extra staff to answer calls. If I really was important I wouldn't be sitting pressing numbers into an IVR with a hundred prompts for things I don't care about - designed for your convenience, not mine. If I was important a human would answer my call. If I was important you'd have designed a system where I didn't have to call, where you'd already have noticed that my pattern of train journeys had dramatically stopped like a train shuddering to a halt. You'd have called me, begging for my honoured custom and asking what you could do to help. But you didn't.

Sadly the proportion of companies that still operate this way is uncomfortably high. But in this new age of customer experience the tables have turned. For nimble, hungry upstarts that are eating away the market share of their lumbering competitors there is no number 72 in the queue. There isn't even a queue.

It's time to make the choice as to which one you're going to be.



The Process Improvement Group

November 26, 2014

Introducing The Process Improvement Group Consulting Power Hour - Limited Time Offer

We're frequently asked by people all around the world for advice on business process management and business process improvement and we also recognise that not everyone wants to hire a consultant for an extended period of time.

To solve this problem we've introduced The Consulting Power Hour. It's a 1 hour skype consultation designed to quickly get to the root of your business process problems and give you clarity on what to do next. So if you've ever wanted to pick the brain of a global BPM thought leader now you can!

In the Consulting Power Hour, Process Improvement Group CEO Craig Reid (The Process Ninja) will help you with any problem, questions or training you require relating to Business Process Improvement or BPM, such as:

  • How to get your BPM Project Going?
  • How to run your BPM Project?
  • What resources you need?
  • How to run effective process improvement workshops?
  • What Technology to look at?
  • What process training should I invest in?

With his experience across multiple industries and clients of all sizes, Craig's advice can help you cut through the clutter and get your initiatives focussed on delivering real value to your organisation.


Sessions are held via Skype (processigroup) and flexible times are available.

We look forward to helping you with your initiatives.

- The Process Improvement Group

October 02, 2014

Process Improvement Success at ANZ Bank


Thanks to our friends at PEX Network we're happy to be able to share the following article with you.

Download ANZ's Process Success 


The Process Improvement Group

September 29, 2014

How Australia’s largest customer-owned bank will originate an extra $12 million of Personal Finance annually through BPM


Thanks to our friends at PEX Network we're happy to be able to share the following article with you.

Click here to download "How Australia’s largest customer-owned bank will originate an extra $12 million of Personal Finance annually through BPM"


The Process Improvement Group

September 24, 2014

The Process Revolution - Slide Pack Now Available

Our CEO Craig's slide pack from his presentation "The Process Revolution" is now available for download below.

We think that some of the slides would make great posters to inspire process revolutions in organisations everywhere!

If you stick 'em up we'd love you to send us a photo -

August 15, 2014

Hear CEO Craig Reid Speak at The Australian Payroll Association Conference in Melbourne on Thu 23rd Oct

Almost 400 delegates attended the 2013 conference making it the number one payroll event in Australia.  This is what some of them had to say about it.

"A fresh new approach to payroll topics.  The APA conference gets better and better each year" - Debra

"Great conference, so much information that is relevant to our business at the current time.  Thank you APA" - James

"Excellent conference that provides practical and valuable presentations. Not only do you learn what's new and ensure solid foundations with reinforcement of current best practices, but also a great way to get motivated in your business hearing what other companies are doing" - Nicole

"A very worthwhile day with informed and interesting speakers and great content in their presentations.  Love how you are working on a paradigm shift" - Leonie

"The 2013 conference was great!  Full of informative speakers with fun along the way.  It has been great meeting new people, thanks heaps APA" - Belle

"What a fantastic conference.  It has cemented my belief in APA, with Tracy and her team.  I have enjoyed every minute and it was so nice to meet passionate payroll professionals.  Together we can make change and drive systems, software and legislation feedback.  Thanks for being an empowering body" - Michela

"Once again APA has put on an excellent conference with top notch speakers and first class content very well targeted to payroll professionals" - David

"My first APA conference, well organised, knowledgeable speakers, great venue.  I'll be attending every year" - Joe

"I enjoyed all presentations and was able to take a lot of suggestions and procedures back to my workplace" - Margaret

"Great conference, we'll definitely be back next year" - Pauline

"I would thoroughly recommend all who are involved in payroll services to attend the Australian Payroll Association conference in the future.  Enjoyable and enlightening day" - Bernadette


Theme: Where compliance meets efficiency, payroll magic happens

Date: Thursday 23 October 2014, 8.00am to 5.00pm

Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Agenda: Check out the full agenda at our website.

Structure:  Three presentation streams.  Delegates receive slides from all 18 presentations.

Recommended for: Anyone working in or managing the payroll function in Australia

To secure early bird tickets BOOK NOW.  Member discounts apply

For bookings of three or more delegates, please contact Kylie for a discount code which entitles you to a free ticket for every two tickets purchased. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

July 14, 2014

2014 Report: The Pursuit of Process excellence in Asia Pacific


Thanks to the guys over at The Process Excellence Network I'm able to share this report with you.

A survey on process excellence was recently conducted across Asia, Australia and
New Zealand, featuring insights from 105 respondents in more than 19 industries.
This report, produced by PEX Network, explores the challenges, trends and efforts
across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to reduce costs, meet changing customer
demands and support business change.

I hope you enjoy it.



April 24, 2014

Organizational Surveys: How to Create a Process Maturity Benchmark

Analysts often approach assessing organizational process maturity by running workshops or “walking” processes. These approaches can be time consuming and it’s often difficult to consistently measure the maturity of the processes.

In this paper I look at a way to measure organizational process maturity using simple, web-based survey tools.

In summary, I explain:

  • Why a process maturity benchmark is of value
  • What web-based survey tools can be used and their key features
  • What questions to ask to get meaningful results
  • How to use the survey on an ongoing basis to quantify improvements

Click here to download

April 15, 2014

Have Your Say On My New Book!

I'm currently researching the writing of my new book and I'd love to have your feedback on some of my ideas for the book title and content.

The central question of the book revolves around the following:

"Why should my organisation embrace business process improvement and what will happen if we don't?"

The book is not intended to be an academic text or overly focussed on methods - it's designed to be a rallying call to leaders of organisations to say "here's what will happen if you embrace the business process revolution, and here's what will happen if you don't".

I am currently considering the following titles and would appreciate if you can pick the title that resonates most with you. Also if there is any specific content you'd like to see covered in the book, please leave a comment.

Pick The Title That Resonates With You Most free polls